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Yoga Inclusivity Initiative

We understand that everyone is facing their own hardships. 

That's why it's our mission at Sacred Moon Healing to be as inclusive as possible. 

This includes your ability to practice yoga, regardless of the price tag attached to it.

Which is why we're deciding to offer a select number of scholarships to our members that are currently facing a financial tribulation.


Step 1: Click the button below and send our owner, Amy, an email explaining you​'re looking to talk scholarships.

Step 2: She'll reach out to you to start the conversation of what you're able to pay.

Step 3: This price will be a monthly fee locked in for one year.

Step 4: After one year, your scholarship membership will be reevaluated by Amy. 

Step 5: Start your healing by enjoying one of our yoga or Buti classes.

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