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Extending Your Healing Beyond What You Can See

Have you ever noticed how when you’re listening to lo-fi jazz music, you just feel more relaxed? 


Or when you listen to something that has a healing frequency to it, how you can’t really explain why but you just feel better? 


That’s the magic of sound. 


Our bodies are over 70% water after all, and the frequencies that are being emitted all around us have the ability to change the frequencies in our own bodies — for better or for worse.


And when we are submersed in frequencies (aka sounds from crystal bowls) our brain attempts to match this specific vibration. In turn, we shift from our waking, conscious beta waves all the way to delta waves — which is where our bodies have the natural capacity to heal from the inside out.


Every full moon, we offer sound healings here in the studio.


The purpose? 


To help you in:


  • Releasing stagnant energy

  • Allowing your mind and body a well-deserved break

  • Reset your energetic body

  • And above all, to simply relax

Because, let's face it - you can't pour from any empty cup.


A sound healing will leave you feeling recharged, refreshed, and ready to serve - whether it's getting your kids ready for a zoom class, or serving those in your community.

We go into more detail on our blog post, check it out right here.


"The sound baths at Sacred Moon are truly something  everyone needs to experience.  The atmosphere is peaceful, calming, inclusive, and overall wonderful. These sound baths are the perfect way to release what no longer serves you, set intentions & bring you to a peaceful meditation. I always. leave feeling like I had the best nights sleep - calm, revitalized, and grounded. I could go on forever about how wonderful these sessions and the co-moon-ity is in this studio, but I'll stop here and let you all experience it for yourselves! 10/10 would recommend!! 

— Michelina


Such an amazing space to let go and Amy did such  an incredible job with the sound bath, adding new sounds and vibrations into my life. One of my favorite things to do at the studio!!

— Kristy

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