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Sure, we’re a yoga studio. And we’re conveniently located on Second St. in downtown Manchester, NH — but that’s not all we are.


Our mission is to hold the space for people to come and find a way of healing that best suits their needs. 

And how do we do that? 


By continually offering you the latest, up-to-date, backed by science alternative healing methods like:


  • Yoga

  • Buti yoga

  • Massage therapy

  • Float therapy

  • Sound healings


When you leave our studio, expect to feel different — in a i-feel-more-myself-than-ever type of way.  


And, if that voice inside your head still feels uneasy, read this blog post about other ways you can come into the studio feeling your most confident self.

"My vision for Sacred Moon is to foster a feeling of purpose in anyone who walks through the door. For you to find what sparks that piece in you that sets your soul on fire. Whether it's buti yoga, a sound healing or unique workshop! I can not wait to meet you on your healing journey so I can walk hand in hand on the broad freedom of the spiritual world!"

A word from our owner, Amy.

Sharing podcasts, books, and quotes that inspire us, and inspire our members. 

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Meet Our Teachers


Amy Anagnost

“To be happy, we must not be too concerned with the opinions of others.” 🧘🏽‍♀️


My yoga journey has had this as my theme. I spent most of my adult life running from myself and only trying to please others. I struggled with substance for the majority of my life as well, always trying to find a quick fix for the emotions I had no idea how to process. When I was introduced to yoga in the last drug and alcohol treatment center I attended in 2011 I finally found exactly what I had been chasing my entire life. I was finally connected to spirit. One of my favorite quotes is “ we are not human beings  having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience!” This quote connected so many dots for me and started me on my spiritual journey. To find something that connects mind, body and spirit was the gift I needed to find freedom from substance and freedom from thinking I needed to be what others wanted me to be. I have a deep yearning for growth. I am always staying focused on my spiritual practices and on how I can stay connected to the collective, you, me, us we are all one.


Carli Crews

Through BUTI and through yoga, Carli has healed and tapped into confidence that she never knew she had. Carli is excited to share what she has learned, and join you all on your journeys through healing and self-discovery! Join Carli to raise your vibration, lift self- confidence, and leave feeling empowered!


Jacqye Shultz

My journey with yoga began with my first pregnancy 8 years ago while working full time in the medical field. I used the prenatal practice to connect with my littles (all three) and to better understand the mind and body connection. Through the years I enjoyed both vinyasa flow and bikram yoga but never felt as connected to a practice the way I did when I took my very first buti class! With a background in dance this movement felt natural andfree! I left that class feeling ALIVE, feeling a release of negative energy I never new I was carrying. In the last few months this practice has allowed me to increase awareness within myself, rid my body and mind of toxins, self heal and use movement as medicine! I was recently certified to share this practice in November and cant wait to sweat, spiral and shake with you! Let’s feel powerful, supported and alive together 


Colleen Dubois

Hi Everyone! Yoga has been in my life for about 15 years now. I quickly grew to love yoga for the pure physical aspect of it. As I continued to practice, my mind slowly followed.  I began to realize the integration between body, mind, and the energy created as I practiced. I love blending these aspects as well as chakras and energy into my classes and finding new flows to stimulate the mind and body! 

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 1.40.43 PM.png

Mallory Rinker

Meet Mallory K Rinker! She teaches our dance classes! Step onto the dance floor and join us for this sassy, empowering, and judgement-free workout! Mallory has tapped into her 20+ years of technical and professional dance training to craft this sexy and sweaty workout just for you. Bravely strut outside of your comfort zone and into your feminine power by building strength, confidence, and love for the skin you’re in. Each class will include leg conditioning, walks across the floor, and fierce choreography for all experience levels.


Alyssa Aguila

Hello lovely beings of light, I hope all is well for you. I’m a new New Englander who’s traveled all the way from Miami Fl.  Yoga is one of the many things my spirit decided to embrace and share in this life time. As a queer/Latinx yoga instructor my goal is provide a safe and loving space with every class I facilitate. Although I was trained in Vinyasa yoga, my classes incorporate everything from breath work to energy cleansing exercises to chanting mantras and kriyas! I’m also trained in Usui reiki and love to add oracle readings to my classes. You can follow me @lionessalyssa for conscious artwork, all things yoga and hand crafted mala necklaces. My hands are placed in a mudra or a hand position that means “spiritual truth”. This mudra resonates with the crown chakra and reminds one that there is no duality in life. We’re all on our never ending journey of becoming. You are exactly where you’re meant to be in this moment. 


Bre Martin

One of the things that has drawn her to her practice is the awareness of each muscle and bone has made her want to share the importance of proper alignments in a sequence or pose and the impact that getting in touch with your physical body not only has on the physical itself, but how deeply connected to the mental and spiritual bodies this movement truly is. Since completion of her training, Breana has decided to dive head first into the Trauma Informed aspect of yoga. She has a certificate with the Prison Yoga Project and is currently training to receive her Y12SR certificate. She believes that with compassion, mindful communication, and devotion to self that everyone will be able to receive the life altering benefits that yoga bestows upon us.


Rebeca Camire

I first tried yoga when I was 16, practing inconsistently. After years of constantly being busy and living in imbalance as a way to suppress emtions I finally connected with a consistent practice about three years ago. I finally discovered patience, the ability to relax, and trust the process. The relationship I discovered with myself (mind and body) was profound and transferred off the mat and into my relationship with others as well. I found my balance and my goal is to support students throughout their journey as well. 


Tess Palker

Tess is incredibly happy to have found Sacred Moon and the opportunity to invite the true meaning of body inclusion to the Sacred Family. Tess likes to take a more holistic approach to yoga and is a firm believer that your issues lie in your tissues. Tess teaches classes that allow all levels to practice in and 12 Step Recovery Yoga classes. She holds her 200YTT, 12YSR, and Reiki 2 cert, she’s constantly growing within her practice to help others and from within. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 1.40.34 PM.png

Stephanie Temple

 Stehphanie Temple, born in the Philippines and raised in Alaska, dove into practicing yoga in 2011.  Her classes combine two concepts- movement for the body and stillness for the mind. After traveling through Southeast Asia for a year, she learned more deeply through Vipassana meditation how to incorporate midfullness into practice. Stephanie aims to teach in a way that holds space for students to explore strength through vinyasa, restoration for the mind, and power of the breath.


Heidi Clark

Heidi recently graduated from her 200 hour yoga teacher training program and is so excited to be able to share her passion for yoga as a teacher and not just a student. Heidi has been a Licensed Massage Therapist fir the past 15 years and loves how well yoga and massage complement each other with how connected they are. Heidi's goal is to make yoga accessible for everyone and hold space for everyone to always be in discovery on and off of their mats. Sharing energy and light has always been a gift and now being able to share that gift in an entirely new form is an amazing experience, 


Tony Bennett

Tony’s life renewed after 6-way bypass surgery in 2016. In recovery, making many lifestyle changes, he discovered Yoga, and it was love at first class. He couldn’t get enough, seeking different styles: Vinyasa, Bikram, Baptiste, Gentle, Restorative, Yin and Meditation.  The more he practiced and learned, the more he fell in love. Tony completed his first 200-hour RYT in June 2019 and furthered his training with Yoga Works in 2020.

“I feel as though I’ve truly found

the fountain of youth.”

Tony believes that yoga did more to improve his mind, body and spirit than modern medicine, and he strives to bring this energy to classes and share with others on their yoga journey.


Vanessa Voto

This is Vanessa - She is currently a 200 hour ERYT after obtaining her certification through Gypsea Yoga School located in Uvita, Costa Rica in 2019 & later on facilitating 200 hour trainings through that same school February-April of 2021.


Yoga couldnt have come into her life at a better point. She chose to take this path because she began to notice she was feeling drained, tired and mentally and emotionally blocked at the young age of 15. From postures to the internal focus, she began to find out more about herself little by little. Being so young, this was a terrifying yet amazing experience & she couldn’t imagine moving through life without it.


After finding herself drawn back to the practice of yoga & meditation, she soon realized that she needed to share the way this practice made her feel with others. Teaching yoga was it.  


Growing up dancing, the idea of movement came freely. She primarily teaches vinyasa & buti, but is always learning & evolving. Setting the vibe, inclusivity & fluid movement is her jam. 


Her primary goals is to aid all the beautiful souls entering class in moving their outsides to move their insides. Facing the things that are no longer serving & replacing those with the things that do. To go deep, to reflect hard. To find truth. To find SOMETHING within themselves that is just waiting to be freed. Something that makes each person true to who they are & brings them to their own internal power. 


She holds this practice near & dear to her heart & soul and couldn’t imagine life any other way. See you in the studio!


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