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Assorted Crystals

About Us

Sure, we’re a yoga studio — but that’s not all we are. Our mission is to hold the space for people to come and find a way of healing that best suits their needs. And h ow do we do that? 


By continually offering you the latest alternative healing methods like:


  • Yoga

  • Buti yoga

  • Sound healings

  • Breathwork


When you leave our studio, expect to feel different — in an I-feel-more-myself-than-ever type of way. 

A word from our owner, Amy

"My vision for Sacred Moon is to foster a feeling of purpose in anyone who walks through the door. For you to find what sparks that piece in you that sets your soul on fire. Whether it's buti yoga, a sound healing or unique workshop! I can not wait to meet you on your healing journey so I can walk hand in hand on the broad freedom of the spiritual world!"


Meet the Team

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