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What Is Buti Yoga? Plus, Why It’s the Best Workout You’ll Ever Experience.

Guest post written by Charity Hupp

When you think of in-studio yoga practices what comes to mind? Probably focusing on your breath and many, many sun salutations. Then after leaving the studio, you most likely have an overall feeling of calm, renewal, and inner peace. But this is NOT the case with Buti Yoga…

Buti (pronounced b-o͞o-tee) Yoga is different. It’s next level. Some even find it addictive.

Let me explain.

Newbies to the Buti Yoga practice often find themselves replacing all their workout sessions with this practice. Not only because it’s an intense workout burning over 800 calories per session, but because it never gets boring.¹

This is all thanks to the constantly changing flow of movement in response to the dynamic beat of the music.

In this blog, we’ll explain what Buti Yoga is, how it’s different, the benefits of adding this to your wellness routine, and what to expect during your first Buti Yoga session at Sacred Moon Healing Center in Manchester, NH.

So, What is Buti Yoga Anyway?

Buti Yoga is a powerful combination of primal movement, cardio, dance, and balanced yoga sequences. This unique flow gives your whole body a workout.

Buti Yoga is also about letting go. Letting go of the painful traumas of the past. Cleansing and releasing toxic energies stuck in your body.

You see, while at most yoga studios, you may feel:

  • A little unsupported…

  • Doubtful of your yoga abilities…

  • Worried about judging glances…

You’ll find none of that during your Buti Yoga experience.


Because Buti Yoga is nothing you’d expect at a traditional yoga session. Instead, you’ll discover this practice brings a deeper meaning to:

  • Setting intentions

  • Loving yourself

  • Healing from your past

  • Moving consciously

  • Being part of a supportive community

  • And sweating… a lot

Because Buti Yoga is more on the spiritual side, it frees you from your negative thoughts by letting you tune into your body. That’s when you’ll start to feel intentional love for yourself – and everyone else in the room.

When you practice Buti Yoga at our Sacred Moon Healing Center studio in Manchester, NH, you’ll find yourself comforted by the open arms of our owner, Amy Anogost, and by a supportive group of other teachers and students going through similar journeys.

How Buti Yoga Started (A Brief History)

Buti Yoga was created back in 2010 by none other than celebrity trainer, Bizzie Gold.² Bizzie created this new form of exercise, built her career around it, and even got to train celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Julia Roberts.

She encourages the idea of “sweating with intention” and discovering your true self-worth.

Bizzie saw the need for an exercise that incorporated traditional yoga with the power to help heal the past. She created Buti Yoga as an effective way to help us get in shape without actually feeling like we’re working out.

You heard that right – a workout without feeling like you're working out.

In a nutshell, Buti Yoga changes your mindset. How else would you not feel like you're working out?

What Does “Buti” Mean?

The word “Buti” means to cure something that’s hidden away or kept secret.

Buti Yoga is a soulful workout that not only works every muscle in your body, but it goes deeper within to find a cure for your stressors, traumas, and pain.

Still wondering how Buti Yoga is different from traditional yoga? Keep reading to find out.

How is Buti Yoga Different From Traditional Yoga?

Buti Yoga blends primal movement with dynamic asana yoga and intense cardio dance. Allowing students to balance hormones, energies, and transform the way they look and feel from the inside out.

Here are five ways Buti Yoga is unlike anything you’ve seen before:

1. Buti Yoga Incorporates Plyometrics (Say Whatt?)

Plyometrics are movements that help you build those muscles. With other exercises, this looks like pushups, running, jumping, and kicking. These exercises aren’t found in traditional yoga, but Buti Yoga incorporates them in a way you don’t realize you’re doing high-impact exercises.

Meaning, you’re going to burn a lot of calories.

2. Buti Yoga = Cardio-Intensive

Unlike traditional yoga, Buti Yoga will get your heart pumping because it’s a cardio-intensive workout. But you won’t be worked to the bone because Buti Yoga gives you much-needed breaks between cardio bursts.

So you’re going to walk away feeling amazing.

3. Buti Yoga Encourages a Different Kind of Core Toning

Traditional yoga focuses on the core muscles often resulting in a tightened core, better flexibility, and balance. The difference with Buti Yoga is that it focuses on the Spiral Structure Technique, or SST.

This technique, created by Bizzie Gold, activates and strengthens every single part of your core. With this technique, you can expect long, lean, and strong abdominal muscles due to the spiral motions. This also helps you awaken your superpower and heal your chakras through your Kundalini energy.³

The lean look, is what so many love about their Buti Yoga body.

4. Buti Yoga Boosts Self Confidence

Traditional yoga is all about calmness, mindfulness, compassion, and connection.⁴ Buti Yoga is similar, but also encourages confidence and renewed self-esteem. During a Buti Yoga practice, you’ll find students wearing less clothing to celebrate their renewed confidence and allow more freedom of movement while exercising.

Imagine feeling better in your body and ready to take on the day.

5. Buti Yoga is Fun

Buti Yoga is more fun than traditional yoga. The music is upbeat, loud, and vibrant. You’ll have moments where you focus on your breath while holding a pose. At other times, you’ll break out into full-on dance.

This practice is such a high-energy and youthful way to celebrate your body and renew your self-confidence. It’s no wonder that people keep coming back for more.

What Are the Physical Benefits of Buti Yoga?

The next time someone tells you that yoga isn’t a workout, introduce them to Buti Yoga.

That’ll keep them quiet. 😆

From the explosive primal movements to the SST ab sequences, you’ll look past the physical challenges to discover a deeper layer of beauty, elegance, and grace.

And if you keep up with it, you’ll transform your body creating killer abs, sculpted shoulders, toned arms, and a firm, lifted booty (of course).

What Are the Emotional Benefits of Buti Yoga?

Buti Yoga focuses on removing blockages in the first and second chakras. Which turns on your sexuality, power, and confidence. Since we’re all born with these qualities you might be wondering why they’re blocked in the first place.

The answer is simple: Living in a western society causes our first and second chakras to become muted. In other words, your hips have become tight and your mind is closed.

When you incorporate Buti Yoga into your routine, its pelvic and hip spiraling will open and align your first and second chakras. Before you know it, you’ll cultivate a more positive mindset, a strengthened mind-body connection, and a new definition of “strong.”

Your First Buti Yoga Session – What to Expect

If you’re into lifting weights or running, you’ll find that Buti Yoga does much, much more.

If you’re into yoga and breathwork, you’ll find a workout that connects much deeper spiritually and physically.

If you're new to Buti Yoga, you’ll find yourself falling in love with the reflection in the mirror.

The truth is, Buti Yoga is so unique (hence, the craze) that it’s different for each person. Often people have been wondering where this practice has been their whole lives.

Some find Buti Yoga their new favorite go-to exercise.

While others call Buti Yoga the “best soulful experience” out there.

The important thing is that Buti Yoga is for everyone – whether you’re a regular at the gym, a yogi, or completely new to working out.

Buti Yoga welcomes all people who want to find a practice that helps you:

  • Get in shape – without feeling like you’re working out.

  • Replace all your workout routines – without getting bored.

  • Connect on a deeper level with your mind-body awareness – it’s not woo-woo.

  • Heal your chakras from painful traumas – while boosting your confidence.

And it doesn’t matter how experienced you are at your first session. We’re all on our own unique journeys, and over time, your body will recognize these movements and your form will improve each time you practice.

Buti Yoga Is Everything You’ve Been Looking For

No matter if you’re looking for a better workout or emotional healing, Buti Yoga provides you with everything you need. From breathing with intention, getting a pack of killer abs, igniting renewed confidence, and nurturing self-love – Buti Yoga is definitely worth a try.

Experience Buti Yoga for FREE

Interested in trying out Buti Yoga, but not sure if it’s right for you?

We’ve got you covered. Try out Buti Yoga for yourself for free at our Sacred Moon Healing Center in Manchester, New Hampshire.




About the Author

Charity Hupp is a freelance copywriter for the alternative health and wellness industry. She brings her decade of experience in the nursing field to her current role where she’s dedicated to helping alternative health professionals and soulful entrepreneurs get clients and continue their good work. She writes long-form content that ranks and writes websites that are as unique as you are. You can connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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