There's a Reason You Walked Through the Door

Consider us your stepping stone. 


Not one that’ll protect you from the floor if it turns into lava (we recommend looking elsewhere for that), but one that will help you to deepen your own spiritual practice. 


Notice: we didn’t say “your own physical practice”.


While, yes, we offer yoga and buti, high intensity and high energy classes that’ll for sure leave you sweating in the best possible way...


We also dedicate a lot of time and class space to understanding and including the journey of the beginner.


We’ve all had the experience of “going to a yoga studio for the first time” or “going to your first sound bath..whatever that is??”


And when you’ve had those firsts, what did they feel like? Or if you haven’t had those firsts, what do you want it to feel like?


Imagine two scenarios: 


  • You walk into the studio and feel instantly connected to the people around you. Smiles greet you as soon as you open the door, everyone’s friendly and easy to talk to. It’s like the weight you were carrying around all day is suddenly gone and you feel ready and excited for your practice.




  • You walk into a studio and feel like you’re the odd one out. Something feels… off. You don’t feel comfortable engaging with the people around you so you just set your mat up in the back row (hopefully a corner spot) and begin to gently stretch by yourself until the start of class.


Now which one of the two do you think would make you feel more apt to want to practice there?


This ain’t rocket science. We've experienced both the former and the latter, which is why creating an all-inclusive space is our mission.


You’re craving a community with like-minds, no judgement, and total freedom to express yourself.


Look no further. 


At Sacred Moon, we understand the intimidation that comes with trying something new for the first time. 


Our yoga and buti classes are designed for all levels of practitioners and with modifications and variations offered throughout. 


Whether you’re looking to get out of the house for an hour (because let’s face it - who wouldn’t benefit from that?) or you are looking for a way to deepen your spiritual practice, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Sacred Moon. 


Take Your First Steps Toward Better Health Today

Your first yoga or Buti class is FREE.

That means for you, zero risk, and all of the rewards.

And if you're looking not here to look for yoga...

We've got something else that'll float your boat*

Welcome to our new  float pod. 

It's a sensory deprivation tank that does a few things: 

  • Blocks out light, smells, and sound from the external world

  • Enhances your internal senses

  • Promotes antigravity like effects that heal your body on a cellular level

  • Provides the mind the ability to enter into a meditative state. 

Take a tour of our float page to learn more about this service! 

*Metaphorical boat. Real boats will not be provided by the studio.


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